NPN – Not Applicable.

Total relaxation; stress relief; skin, body, and mind rejuvenation. These are all the wonderful things you’ll experience when you use our Medium Kansa Face and Body Wand.

Kansa wands are the natural choice to getting youthful, healthier, and fresher-looking skin. You don’t need to use anything electric or electronic. You don’t have to worry about harmful materials or ingredients. What it has is the healing power from the Kansa metal.

Our medium-sized Kansa Face and Body Wand is the perfect size for a general whole body use. It helps relieve muscle tension, ease stress, improves your nervous system, and relaxes and calms the mind and body. With regular use, sleep comes easy – the kind that makes you wake up in the morning completely refreshed and recharged.

Get our Kansa Face and Body Wand now and enjoy a well rejuvenated you!