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An ancient secret to a modern you

Both Judith & Lloyd became certified in Aromatherapy in 1999 and in addition, Lloyd has been a practicing Pharmacist for well over 3 decades. Together, they have created, like Cleopatra of ancient Egypt, products for beauty such as their ‘ Youth Serum w/ Argan Oil ‘ and for massage and relaxation, their ‘ Stress Relief ‘ and ‘ Relaxing Massage Oil ‘.

As well, please check out their blends for Muscle & Joint Pain, Cold Sores, Headache, Cold & Flu etc. All of their products are made with 100% pure Essential Oils and are preservative free. They sincerely trust that you will enjoy their unique and exciting creations…

Judith & Lloyd

Using The Kansa Massage Tool


YOUTH SERUM is my holy grail. I have dry patches and redness from hormonal acne areas around my face. Since I started using the youth serum a few months ago I found it extremely hydrating without being heavy or too oily. My favorite part about the serum oil is the scent, which is healing and anti-inflammatory frankincense. Not to mention it is cold pressed which gives maximum potency. I truly enjoy skincare and this product is at the front of the line for me. MUST try

Gen San Miguel

For rest and relaxation I highly recommended massaging oil and stress relief.

Ann Nerit - Sarcon

I have been using Cleopatra Aromatherapy for quite some time now. All I can say are two words: “it works” it’s definitely a part of my daily skin and wellness regimen.

Youth serum and germ fighter..

Grasya Grasya

The best pure essential oils

Lenny Cruz Tugade

Youth Serum is a luxurious face oil that naturally moisturizes and preserves my skin’s youthful glow. Just a drop or two of this amazing oil delivers exceptionally soft, smooth, and radiantly healthy-looking skin. I also like using it as a primer on my lips, leaving them smooth, plump and perfectly prepared for lipstick. A true miracle in a bottle!”

Hanna Radko

The Cleopatra Youth Serum; its with Argan Oil…a miracle oil that is good for you…

Tessa Prieto

Trade toxins for the healing power of plants

Simple Science